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How to Make Parachuting Toy Story Army Men

Make some parachuting army men to hang from your ceiling for your Toy Story or army themed party!
Total Time2 d
Servings: 8 army men
Author: Linden Three


  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • paint brush (size 8 or 10)


  • classic green spray paint
  • light green acrylic paint
  • beige acrylic paint
  • 6 disposable plastic bowls (6 inch diameter)
  • 18+ feet thread or fishing line
  • 8 plastic army men


  • Cut the rims of the bowls off if desired to get a better parachute shape.
  • Spray paint the inside of the bowls with a classic grass green. This allows you to still flip them over to spray paint the outside without risk of paint coming off. Flip them over and paint the outside. Let dry for 24 hours.
  • Once dry, paint the camouflage ‘blobs’ with the light green and beige colors. There is no right or wrong way to paint them since they are all different. You can use photos for reference if desired. Use two to three coats of paint until you get your desired look.
  • When the paint is dry, punch two holes near the edge across from each other with the hole punch. Use scissors or something you can stab the plastic with to cut two small holes next to each other at the very top (center of the bowl). (See pictures for reference).
  • Use sewing thread or fishing line to wrap around the army men’s waists/middles, tie with a knot, then tie them to the sides of the parachute. To balance them, first tie one side, then loop the thread through the other side until it looks close to the same length and tighten.
    *Make sure to leave extra thread on each side so that it reaches up through the parachute to hang!  Measure how long you need the string to be before cutting by holding it up where it will be hung. * (See photo for how I threaded the string).
  • Tie the army men to the parachutes by pulling the threads attached to their waists that are through the side holes up into the small holes at the top. Pull through and continue adjusting the strings as necessary.
  • Hang the army men by attaching the strings with tape or tacks to the ceiling or surface. Hang the army men at varying heights for the best effect.


You will need to start these at least two days in advance to account for the dry time of the paint.
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