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How to Make a Toy Story Etch A Sketch Photo Frame

Make an Etch A Sketch frame for photo opps at your Toy Story themed party
Servings: 1 frame
Author: Linden Three


  • scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler


  • 1 red poster board 22 by 28 inches
  • 1 foam board 22 by 28 inches
  • yellow paint
  • white paper


  • To make the Toy Story Etch A Sketch Photo Frame, use a ruler to trace a rectangle on the red poster board that is 28 inches by 22 inches in size.  It is best to trace on the back of the poster board so any lines are not seen on the final product. 
    Then, using the 28 by 22 inches as the outer edge of the frame, trace another rectangle inside, making each edge 3 to 3.5 inches wide.  Cut out the frame shape and the inside of the rectangle, leaving just the frame.
  • Make the poster board sturdy by tracing it onto foam board and cutting the foam board.  Alternatively, you can also do this with cardboard or attach wooden dowls, or something else more sturdy, to the back of the frame.  (Or, if you happen to buy red foam board, you are ahead of the game!  No need to layer to make it thicker.)
  • Using a pencil, write the Etch A Sketch words on the bottom part of the frame.  Trace over your writing with the yellow paint.  Repeat with additional layers of paint if needed.
  • Make the knobs by tracing the bottom of a glass or other round object onto white printer paper.  Make sure the circle size fits on the frame first!  Cut out the circles and glue them on in the bottom two corners.
  • Let everything dry and you are ready to use the Toy Story Etch A Sketch Photo Frame in your photos!


Material links: (you can also find these materials at your local craft store)